90-Day Package

Let’s start your Healing Journey

What this ISN’T: a diet and exercise plan with a boatload of supplements to stay on for life.

What this IS: 3 months of 1-on-1 support to jumpstart your healing journey. We deep dive into foundations of health, opening drainage pathways, and create a detox PLAN for you, with lots of support along the way.

How it works


Book your 90 day package and choose your first appointment date.

Why 90 Days? Because any healing journey is going to take some time to move the needle. You didn’t get sick overnight, and you’re not going to heal overnight either. You’re going to need commitment and tenacity in our process of working together to get some momentum going in your healing! This is the best way to get started!

What’s Included: three 1 hour long monthly consults, and three 30 minute check-ins each month, with email support in between; personalized protocols with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations; access to practitioner-grade supplements and my supplement dispensaries, and connections within my network of practitioner colleagues.



Chose Your labs and scans to purchase

Functional Labs available:
My favorite labs are Blood Chemistry , GI Map, MycoTox, Metabolic Typing Screening, Saliva Stress and Hormone Testing. I am partnered with MDP through FDN, which gives me access to HUNDREDS of functional medicine labs. If there’s something specific you’re interested in testing, let me know- I can get it! Reach out with questions on pricing.  

*Labs are not required, but give us great information on where to start personalizing your health plan. The cost of labs is not included.

BioResonance Scan:
I use Creating Balanced Health (you can use my code “twg” for a discount). This is a fantastic way to see what problems your body may be resonating with. I love using these for clients who have a wide array of seemingly disjointed health symptoms to see what common threads we can see.

*Cost of scan is not included.

Muscle Testing:
This is a means to test the nervous system's response to help us evaluate potential root causes issues. It can be used as a compliment to lab testing.

*While I do not diagnose or treat (I’m not a doctor), labs, scans, and muscle testing can give us some great information on how to help balance and optimize body systems.

What to expect

Jump Start your healing journey, get started with the basics guidance on nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise, and supplementation. Begin working on healing hidden stressors and stealth pathogens. Finally start moving the needle on the real root cause of your symptoms!

Real Talk: Expect to invest a few hundred dollars each month with supplements. Expect to spend a few months working on your health. You didn’t get sick overnight, and you won’t get better overnight either! How ever long you’ve been unwell, expect to spend that many months healing. Ex, if you’ve been sick 5 years, give yourself a minimum of 5 months on your healing protocol. This wellness game takes commitment of time and resources.

*Payment plans available upon request.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve seen a lot of different health care professionals and feel confused by all the differing advice you’ve been given.

  • You don’t really know why you have a myriad of health symptoms? It can feel so overwhelming! What do they all mean?

  • You’e tried alot of “healing diets” trying to cure your health issues, with no lasting changes.

  • You’ve got a “supplement graveyard” in your cabinets of things you’ve tried that haven’t fixed your issues.

  • You’re tired of trying all the trending health advice that social media, magazines, books, blogs, and your mom’s best friend have all recommended, with no real shift in your health.

  • You’re desperate like I was.

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